Every quarter, Five Course Trivia hosts a Guest Week, where different folks write a themed entry here on the site. This page is dedicated to those folks who have written those questions, and are certifiably friends-of-the-show. Thank you foodies so much!

If you’d like to be a part of this wonderful group, shoot me an email at cking.gow(at), and I bet we can squeeze you in for next time!

Robert Haynes-Patterson
4/11/16 – Hard Spirits and Classic Cocktails

Peter Broda
4/12/16 – Fictional Beverages

Ben Ingram
4/13/16 – Southern Food Maps

Victoria Groce
4/14/16 – Illegal Foods

Jeremy Horwitz
4/15/16 – Presidential Food Trivia

Andy Saunders
7/18/16 – Final Jeopardy! Food

Keith Williams
7/19/16 – Brooklyn

Sarah Toporoff
7/20/16 – France

David Long
7/21/16 – Pairs of New England

Andy Kravis
7/22/16 – Operatic Foods

Choyon Manjrekar
8/9/16 – Rhode Island

Neville Fogarty
10/17/16 – What Comes Fourth?

Juliana Froggatt
10/18/16 – French Cheeses

Alex Jeffrey
10/19/16 – Vietnamese

Hannah Costanzo
10/20/16 – Disney Foods

Emily Brand
10/21/16 – Meringue

Laura Jansen
1/30/17 – Okra

Lee DiGeorge
1/31/17 – Food Television

Conal Huetter
2/1/17 – Fish and Chips