About Me


Chris King is terrible at food trivia. Chris often classifies himself as a picky eater, but would like to think he is trying more foods. His hometown in South Carolina carries only three chain restaurants: Wendy’s, Subway, and Bojangles’. This picture probably represents Chris at his fanciest, taken at a Chilean winery. Chris designed Five Course Trivia in order to alleviate his awful Food/Drink score on LearnedLeague, because how does he plan to get into the B Rundle (UPDATE TO ADD: I’m now in A!) if he doesn’t improve his F/D score which is his absolute worst category? Chris is also bothered by missing 4/5 clues in a Jeopardy! category about food, despite getting 5/5 on most other categories.

Chris is a current geography masters student and a former math undergraduate student at the University of South Carolina. He is also the constructor behind the crossword website Chris Words.

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