About FCT


Five Course Trivia features five trivia questions, five days a week, with a common link. There is no “increasing difficulty” with the questions, so #2 might be harder than #5 which  was harder than #3. Along with those five questions written by Chris, there is a correlating question derived from the popular trivia website LearnedLeague.com, as this website was created with that website particularly in mind. The answers to each set of questions can be found at the bottom of each blogpost. The questions go live at 11:30am each day so that you can enjoy them with your lunch.


LLAs a trivia person, I always strive to do better. Finding weaknesses is important, and I always seek to close those gaps. As evidenced by my profile from LearnedLeague, Food/Drink is my worst category. However, it is important to do well in that category since it comes up more frequently than about 2/3 of the other categories (notice 38 questions were asked in my four seasons, while only 7 other categories are asked more often). Since I’ve always considered myself I decent trivia question writer, I thought I would research the food, write the questions, and share my results with you.


All questions on Five Course Trivia were written by Chris King, except for those clearly marked as being from LearnedLeague.

If you would like to join the FCT team, let me know, and I’d love to possibly share content creation with someone.


Contact me at cking.gow(at)gmail.com for a potential sponsorship.


Always feel free to email me about a mistake I made or general comments about the site.