Last Call for Food (aka The Showstopper)

Hello everyone! The last post on Five Course Trivia was March 2019, so it’s been a minute. I hope you’ve been well and have had an uneventful time!

I’ve come to 5CT to announce two things. The first is that on January 6th, the MiniLeague “A Feast of Food and Drink” appears on LearnedLeague, and I am the editor of it! It is going to be an extremely fun league, and the contributors to the MiniLeague include folks who contributed to 5CT, including Ben, Choyon, Jeremy, and Victoria. Registration closes on January 2nd, and if you are a member of LL, I certainly hope you’ll join us.

And now that I’ve been given the opportunity to write a food/drink ML on the flagship website, I think this seems like a destined finale to Five Course Trivia. And what a run it was! Between 2016 and 2019, we had nearly 400 posts of at least 5 questions, covering the food world from Alcohol Logos to “ZZ” Foods. The work I’ve put in at the website is some of the greatest work I’ve done, and I’m still very proud of everything I did.

And it seems I’ve grown since we started back in 2016. I finished a master’s degree in geography, became a homeowner, wrote a couple books, became a writer for my favorite show, and started my own trivia business. I also qualified for the 2020 LLRC (didn’t do so hot, am trying to get better for next year!), and in the course of this website, I’ve gone from a .289 F/D average, and post-the start of the website, I’m .704 which is better. This website has certainly done its job.

To the many folks who wrote a guest post, thank you so much! Your contributions lead to the great success that was this website. And all of you who played along, thank you for everything. I enjoyed making this website, and it is such an honor.

I never charged anyone to use this website (and it’ll still be free and open forever!), but if you want to send a pittance for the oeuvre here, please donate to Harvest Hope Food Bank here in South Carolina.

Of course, I’m not really out of the game. I’m still writing a bunch of trivia questions all the time, and you can always follow me on Twitter. If you ever have fun questions or inquiries or ideas, I’m always open.

Please take care of yourself, especially during this time. I hope we can all see each other soon. And make sure to register for the MiniLeague! It’s gonna be great.


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