3/14/1(5)9 – Pie! 4


Welcome to Five Course Trivia! Five days a week, we’ll post five questions about something from the culinary world, from soup to nuts and all dishes in between.

Happy Pi Day everyone! As a math major, casual math references in the real word are always nice, and I’m glad Pi Day gets a nice national attention. Of all the National __ Days that trend on Twitter, at least I understand why pie is on March 14.

This is our fourth annual pie post, having done this three times before, and I hope you are ready for some pie! Enjoy!

1. While blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries together in a pie make a bumbleberry pie, if you mix just raspberries and blackberries in a pie, what fictional berry pie do you get?

Question 1

2. While the mud of the Mississippi River names one form of pie, it also is the inspiration for the name of what other pie, as the pie pictured has a layer of chocolate custard or pudding?

Question 2

3. What Asian country is the home of the buko pie, a custard pie made from young coconuts? The pie itself uses the buko meat of the coconut, and not using the milk of the coconut. In non-dessert trivia, one of the national dishes of this country is sinigang, a meat stew with tamarind, tomatoes, and fish sauce.

Question 3

4. The state treat of Maine, what pie seen here possibly took its name from a 1928 musical of the same name? This musical lives on today through a song that became a jazz standard, and whose title has become a euphemism.

Question 4

5. Popular in the Canadian prairies, what pie of vanilla custard and with meringues and often graham cracker probably took its current name in the 1920s?

Question 5

Also, I asked you all to send any pie related trivia you had, and I have some extra questions today!


6. (By Choyon Manjrekar) Name two of the three flavors of McDonald’s pies exclusively offered in Hawaii.

7. (By Victoria Groce)  In traditional English pie cookery, the six-letter name of WHAT DECIDEDLY NON-EDIBLE OBJECT names a pie completely encased on a crust (as opposed to an open-faced pie or tart)?

8. (By Peter Broda) A 1997 NYT crossword puzzle by Rich Silvestri contained what tricky two-word clue for the answer PIE? Though it superficially refers to an advertising term, the clue’s first word is actually the surname of a comedian of the ’50s and ’60s known for pie throwing and the second word refers to a throw.

Thanks to our contributors (who have all been previous contributors to 5CT!) for sending me some good pie trivia. If you’re mad you aren’t on today’s edition, start thinking of a question now, and you’ve got a whole year to send it to me.


1. Razzleberry
2. Black bottom pie
3. Philippines
4. Whoopie pie
5. Flapper pie
6. Pineapple, taro, haupia (coconut pudding). Guava is also sold seasonally.
7. Coffin (Atlas Obscura link here)
8. [Sales pitch?], referring to Soupy Sales

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