8/20/18 – Tarot Cards


Welcome to Five Course Trivia! Five days a week, we’ll post five questions about something from the culinary world, from soup to nuts and all dishes in between.

Today is LL78! I am back, and I am really excited for a brand new season. Not going to lie, I am in it to win it, and I’m hoping I get some good breaks and some good questions. Also, I wish you the best on your quest this new season.

In the spirit of thematic openers, I figured tarot cards would be great for LL78, as there are 78 cards in a full tarot deck. Today, I present one question for each of the cards in the Major Arcana. Good luck!

0. The Fool. Similar to a trifle, a fool is a traditional English dessert made with whipped cream and pureed fruit. While raspberry and strawberry are favorites, what is the traditional fruit used to make a fool, found in the former name for kiwis?

Question 0

1. The Magician. What is the two-word name of the container seen here, once used in food production, that Houdini would escape from even though the container would be filled with water?

Question 1

2. The High Priestess. What alternate name for a sub sandwich shares its name with the priestess of Aphrodite from Greek mythology, who lived in a tower on one side of the Hellespont strait?

3. The Empress. The Fairmont Empress Hotel, founded in 1908 in Victoria, British Columbia, is probably best known for what daily tradition?

4. The Emperor. What bread product is believed to have received its name due to Holy Roman Emperor Frederick III in 1437 ordered to have his profile stamped into the top of each product?

5. The Hierophant (also called The Pope). The dessert Pio Quinto, named for Pope Pius V, is cake soaked with rum, topped with custard and raisins, and sprinkled with cinnamon, is from what Central American country? The national dish of this country is the rice and beans dish gallo pinto.

Question 5

6. The Lovers. Of honey bun, sugar pie, dumpling, or jellybean, which one is an official state food of Indiana?

7. The Chariot. In a French restaurant, what would you find on a chariot?

8. Strength. What common baking ingredient is graded on its strength by a numerical “fold”, ranking from double-fold (2X) to twenty-fold (20X)?

9. The Hermit. A crab puff is a ball of crab meat that has been what?

10. Wheel of Fortune. Solve this puzzle. Talk it out. Good luck.

Question 10

11. Justice. Olive Wendell Holmes wrote the dissenting opinion to the 5-4 1905 Supreme Court case Lochner v. New York, which struck down a law that limited the number of hours what type of workers in the food industry had to work weekly? One of the most unpopular decisions of all time, this case led to the Lochner era which saw the courts creating a period of pro-contract rights decisions.

12. The Hanged Man. Name the southern Italian cheese seen here, whose name literally translates to “horse cheese”, as a pair of the hanging cheese would straddle the branch from which they were hanging.

Question 12

13. Death. What’s the main alcohol in a Zombie cocktail?

14. Temperance. Name the American figure who published the newspaper “The Hatchet” during the anti-alcohol Prohibition era.

Question 14

15. The Devil. Name the company that uses the logo seen here. The blue part is an edit I made.

Question 15

16. The Tower. There are two restaurants in the Eiffel Tower: Le 58 Tour Eiffel, and a Michelin star-rated restaurant named after what French author, whose first novel was 1863’s “Five Weeks in a Balloon”?

Question 16

17. The Star. What product made by the Wrigley Company was originally called “Opal Fruits”?

18. The Moon. Basically two-thirds of a Moon Pie, name the treat seen here.

Question 18

19. The Sun. What is the PepsiCo equivalent of Sun Drop?

20. Judgement. Name the judge seen here.

Question 20

21. The World. Ranked #1 on the 2017 list of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants, the New York restaurant seen here can be found on what avenue, as evidenced by the restaurants name?

Good luck this season!


0. Gooseberry
1. Milk can
2. Hero
3. Afternoon tea at 4
4. Kaiser roll
5. Nicaragua
6. Sugar pie
7. Desserts (it’s the dessert cart)
8. Vanilla extract
9. Battered and deep fried
11. Bakers
12. Caciocavallo
13. Rum
14. Carrie Nation
15. Underwood Deviled Ham
16. Jules Verne
17. Starburst
18. Mallomars
19. Mountain Dew
20. Paul Hollywood
21. Madison Avenue (it’s called 11 Maddison Park)

One thought on “8/20/18 – Tarot Cards

  1. Around here, most restaurants with a [i]chariot[/i] use it for cheeses (mmm…), not desserts.

    If you’re lucky, the restaurant has both kinds!


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