6/21/18 – Insects (w/ Choyon Manjrekar)


Welcome to Five Course Trivia! Five days a week, we’ll post five questions about something from the culinary world, from soup to nuts and all dishes in between.

A surprise for all of us! A couple of weeks ago, friend-of-the-show Choyon Manjrekar of Providence, Rhode Island sent me a set of questions about insects as food! Choyon previously wrote the Rhode Island questions on the blog, and now he becomes the first person to write two guest posts! If you have a set of questions, you’d like to write for the site, feel free to send me an email!

1. If you’re offered fried chapulines as one of your taco fillings, what insect can you expect to be chowing down on?

Question 1

2. Although there is some debate about the translation, John the Baptist is said to have survived on a diet of these insects and wild honey. These critters make other appearances in the Bible as well, notably in Exodus 10:1-20.

3. Collectively known as the brood, the larvae and pupae of which insects is eaten as a delicacy in Mexico, Thailand and Australia? It is said to be a great protein source and chock full of vital nutrients.

4. Gaining in popularity in the bodybuilding and fitness communities, the ground up dust of which insect is said to be a great protein source and fitness enhancer? It’s often called its namesake “flour”.

5. The mopane worm eaten in rural areas of southern Africa is actually a caterpillar. What lepidopteran does the mopane worm grow into (if not harvested as a caterpillar)?

Question 5

6. Purported to be a delicacy of Aztec kings and also a popular dish in Thailand, escamole are the larvae of what insects?

Question 6

Thanks again to Choyon for today’s questions! I genuinely have been wanting to do this topic for a while, but I just never had the heart to do the research. I’m so pleased these were sent to me.


1. Grasshoppers
2. Locusts
3. Bees
4. Cricket
5. Emperor moth
6. Ants

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