5/22/18 – Weddings


Welcome to Five Course Trivia! Five days a week, we’ll post five questions about something from the culinary world, from soup to nuts and all dishes in between.

*checks watch* Wow, it’s been a month?

Over the weekend, Harry and Meghan got married, and of course, food is pretty central to the event. So, let’s go over some trivia about wedding food. To the happy couple!

1. It is very traditional for the royal wedding cakes to be fruit flavored. What two fruits were used in the flavor for the cake picked by Harry and Meghan? One of the two fruits is cooked in whole inside of a Sussex pond pudding (and hey, they’re the Duke and Duchess of Sussex!), and the other fruit is the original of the etymology of the Italian anise-drink sambuca.

Question 1 (the actual cake)

2. A tradition I think the rest of the country should pick up on, the cookie table is a large table of cookies found at the wedding reception. What American city is the idea of a cookie table popular? This city is the home of the Primanti Brothers sandwich chain, which popularized the kielbasa sausage in the US.

Question 2

3. Wedding soup is an Italian soup, whose name comes from the soup’s “marriage” of meat and vegetables. The meat is usually sausage/meatballs, and the vegetable is what green? Similar to escarole, its Belgian variety is the best known variety of the vegetable.

Question 3

4. Often used as wedding favors in Europe and also called dragée, the sugar-coated almonds seen here share their name with what country? Most likely a coincidence, as the name is probably derived from a French word.

Question 4

5. What name is given to the Russian/Ukrainian/Bulgarian bread seen here? A type of braided bread, the bread is very ornate with lots of different meanings, and the bread is shared by all of the guests, including the central two figures.

Question 5

6. What European wedding food comes from the French for “something that crunches in the mouth”?



1. Lemon & elderberry (the flavor was technically lemon elderflower)
2. Pittsburgh
3. Endive
4. Jordan almonds (probably from French for “garden”)
5. Korovai
6. Croquembouche

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