4/3/2018 – Easter


Welcome to Five Course Trivia! Five days a week, we’ll post five questions about something from the culinary world, from soup to nuts and all dishes in between.

While we are still in the season, Sunday was Easter, so let’s take of some Easter foods while the leftovers are still in the fridge. Enjoy!

1. In Russia, curd cheese is formed into the pyramid seen here, and eaten on Easter day. What is the name of this dish, whose name is one letter away from the Greek/Latin name for “Easter”?

Question 1

2. Similar to a torta pasqualina, name this popular Italian Easter dish that’s a pie from the country that contains cheese, meat, and two crusts.
3. Over 1.5 million Cadbury Creme Eggs are made daily in a factory in the village of Bournville, found on the south side of what city, the largest British city after London?

Question 3

4. The original eight flavors of Jelly Belly which were introduced in 1976 were Very Cherry, Root Beer, Cream Soda, Tangerine, Green Apple, Grape, and what two flavors that both start with L?

Question 4

5. Associated with Eastern Europe and Judaism, what cake seen here is the yeast version that Poland creates for Easter each year? Chocolate and cinnamon versions of this dish are found all year round.

Question 5

6. For the last 1000 years or so, the Pope’s traditional Easter Dinner features what meat?

7. What are these?

Question 7


1. Pashka
2. Pizza rustica
3. Birmingham
4. Lemon and Licorice
5. Babka
6. Lamb
7. Peeps

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