3/29/18 – Boxes


Welcome to Five Course Trivia! Five days a week, we’ll post five questions about something from the culinary world, from soup to nuts and all dishes in between.

On the last day of LL76, we still have food review to do. Here a previous question:

LearnedLeague precedent (LL76, MD20) – Pictured here is a meal from what fast food restaurant?

LL76, MD20

Man, I’ve never eaten at a Jack In the Box! I was super confused at the picture, because we have a picture of a strange-looking burger, curly fries, Coke, and tacos? What restaurant serves all of those things? I knew it wasn’t one of the A-list fast food places, but couldn’t decide which one. I put Dairy Queen, because I knew that they have a bunch of weird things on their menu that isn’t ice cream.

And also a bummer, the very left part of the box (which I assume all food at Jack in the Box comes in), has a tiny little Jack mascot.

I’m not really feeling a quiz about Jack in the Box, so how about a quiz on boxes? Enjoy!

1. Although it can hold any number of Chinese food items, the box known for Chinese takeout has a name that calls itself a “pail” of what kind of food? The box itself was created by Americans, and doesn’t really have any Asian heritage. In the 1940s, the box was repurposed to be Chinese takeout box, as Americans now had a taste for Chinese food, and the box was pretty perfect for the task.

Question 1

2. The first lunchbox that depicted a TV character was made in 1950 by Aladdin Industries (who still makes lunchboxes today) depicted what Western hero? This cowboy hero was played in many movies in the 30s and 40s, as well as a TV show in the 50s by the actor William Boyd.

Question 2

3. What portrait design, which is very ubiquitous as art on the medium where it appears, was the design of cartoonist Gill Fox, creating the design for a clip art agency back in the 1950s? His 2004 New York Times obituary mentions this design, and this design partly features a gesture called “al bacio”.

4. This cardboard box design is associated with what company?

Question 4

5. Name the rooster seen here, which has been the mascot for the cereal since 1958 when he was introduced. Future boxes of the cereal has featured him wearing a red bandana with his name on it.

Question 5

6. What Nabisco brand features a box that unusually features a string? The string was introduced in 1902 as a way to hang the box on a Christmas tree.


1. Oyster
2. Hopalong Cassidy
3. The chef on pizzas making the OK sign (seen below)
4. Blue Apron
5. Cornelius “Corny”
6. Barnum’s Animals Crackers


3 thoughts on “3/29/18 – Boxes

  1. That was a tough set. I only got #5 and I learned that Christmas tree factoid very recently. Was it on HQ?? I loved those Barnum’s animal crackers as a kid- we always got a box at Christmas. Maybe a carried-over tradition from boxes-on-the-tree days? 🤔


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