2/20/18 – Good vs. Evil


Welcome to Five Course Trivia! Five days a week, we’ll post five questions about something from the culinary world, from soup to nuts and all dishes in between.

It’s a brand new season, and I wish you all the best! Today’s post comes from an idea crafted by valued reader SeidlerA, and now I’m bringing it to you. Can you wrestle with the forces of good and evil by answering questions that are aligned for or against the world? Good luck!

1. Both angel food cake and devil’s food cake involve unique ingredients. Name the ingredient in angel food cake (formula KC4H5O6) that is added to stabilize the egg whites, and name the ingredient in devil’s food cake (formula NaHCO3) that is added to raise the pH of the cake and to give it a darker mahogany color.

Question 1

2. While often known as angel hair pasta, what Italian name, meaning “little hairs”, is the official name for this pasta?

Real Simple Easy Dinner
Question 2

3. And you can top that pasta with its morally opposite sauce! Meaning “devil monk” in Italian, what red sauce is made with tomato and chili peppers? It often goes on pasta dishes that contain shrimp or lobster.

Question 3

4. What is bacon-wrapped in the dish angels on horseback? What is bacon-wrapped in the dish devils on horseback?

5. What brand name was advertised heavily on 90s commercials with angels in the sky above enjoying certain bread products, and featured the tagline “A little taste from heaven”?

6. Seen here are homemade versions of what treat, made by Drake’s Cakes (the makers of Ring Dings and Yodels)?

Question 6

Good luck with MD1!


1. Cream of tartar, baking soda
2. Capellini
3. Fra diavolo sauce
4. Oysters, Dates
5. Philadelphia Cream Cheese
6. Devil Dogs

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