2/19/18 – Spirits of ’76


Welcome to Five Course Trivia! Five days a week, we’ll post five questions about something from the culinary world, from soup to nuts and all dishes in between.

It has been a while. But, that changes now. Tomorrow is LL76 MD1, and I’ll be here all season long giving you up-to-the-day news alerts about the food questions asked. I’m hoping this website gives me a leg up, and I hope it does the same for you.

In honor of LL76, today’s post is “Spirits of ’76” where we’ll ask questions about the alcohol consumed by our Founding Fathers! Enjoy!

1. Unfortunately, there is no major beer you can drink today that you can know was downed by the Framers. What is the oldest operating brewing company in the US, headquartered in Pottsville, PA, which was founded in 1829?

2….and this includes Sam Adams! The Boston Beer Company was founded in 1984, and the beer names itself after Samuel Adams. Adams was a poor businessman after college, so his father made in a partner in the family’s stock of what kind of business? Although Adams never brewed beer, his association with this business is the sole reason why we think of Adams as a beer man today.

3. George Washington was a man of alcohol. Some reports state that Mount Vernon was the largest whiskey producer in the country, as in 1799 (the year he died), the estate was producing more than 1000 gallons a month. Later in life, he enjoyed a bottle of Madeira a day. But, some time during the colonial time, Washington partook in a bit of what punch, maybe the most popular punch mixture during the colonial era, made of rum, cognac, peach brandy, and adorned with lemon slices? His revelry led to him not writing in his diary for three days.

Question 3

4. Which signer of the Declaration was involved with the 1768 Liberty affair, where he tried to sneak about 100,000 gallons of Madeira wine into the US, on his ship, the Liberty. Although he was charged by customs officers, the charges were eventually dropped.

Question 4 (This is him, by the way)

5. “He’s had a Thump over the Head with Sampson’s Jawbone”, “He’s Eat a Toad & half for Breakfast”, “Gold-headed”, and “Has Swallow’d a Tavern Token” are all entries in what 1737 alliterative publication by Benjamin Franklin?

Question 5

6. In which state was the 1791 Whiskey Rebellion, where farmers rebelled after the government issues its first tax on a domestic product?


Good luck to the new season! We’re rooting for you all the way!


1. Yuengling
2. Malthouse
3. Fish Bowl Punch
4. John Hancock
5. The Drinker’s Dictionary
6. Pennsylvania

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