1/10/18 – Games


Welcome to Five Course Trivia! Five days a week, we’ll post five questions about something from the culinary world, from soup to nuts and all dishes in between.

On Thursday, I head to Boston to be a part of the MIT Mystery Hunt, a massive event involving puzzles for a full weekend. A popular theme to these hunts are board games, whether it be the theme of the entire weekend, or if individual puzzles are based on games themselves. Nevertheless, I’ve got both food and games on the mind, so here’s a little quiz to see if you do too!

1. There are two pizza chains that feature the name of a game in their name. What are those chains? One of the games is played tabletop, while the other is a card game.

2. Name the Southern dish seen here, made with eggs, butter, sugar, vanilla, and corn meal.

Question 2

3. Which of the Battleship ships shares its name with this vodka drink, an alcopop known for its bright colors and fruit flavors?

Question 3

4. The Big Buford is a signature item of what restaurant chain, which has the slogan “Crazy Good Food”, and is a sister chain to Rally’s?

Question 4

5. Finish this analogy. Frubes : UK :: Yoplait Tubes : Canada :: ______ : US.


6. Not sharing a name, but close enough. What is the name of the dish seen here, a popular Pennsylvania Dutch dish combining scraps of pork with cornmeal and wheat flour?

Question 6



1. Domino’s and Uno Pizzeria
2. Chess pie
3. Cruiser
4. Checkers
5. Go-Gurt
6. Scrapple

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