12/27/17 – M&Ms (2000 Questions!)


Welcome to Five Course Trivia! Five days a week, we’ll post five questions about something from the culinary world, from soup to nuts and all dishes in between.

And we start to round out the 2nd year of Five Course Trivia, the site gets another milestone: 2000 questions! The first 1000 was written in 9 months, so apparently I had some lulls since. Nevertheless, we’ve made it, and I look forward to hitting 3000!

We toasted with Champagne after 1000, but this time there’s more wordplay involved. Because the Roman numeral for 2000 is MM, it seems appropriate to ask about M&Ms! Enjoy!

1991. The name M&Ms comes from the two people that co-created the company in 1941. The first is Forest Mars, Sr., the son of Mars Company founder Frank C. Mars. What does the second M stand for, representing either William, the Hershey president who had a 20% share in the new company, or his son Bruce?

Question 1

1992. M&Ms were inspired by Mars after seeing soldiers in the Spanish Civil War eat what brand of British candies, made with chocolate covered with a shell? The candy has the same name as a brand of candies in the US, which has been owned by the Dee family since 1949?

Question 2

1993. Finish this analogy. Regular : Brown :: Peanut : Yellow :: Peanut butter : ________.

1994. What two colors in the current bag of M&Ms was not found in the original 1941 bag?

1995. …and what two colors have been fazed out of the bag in total? One of the colors was a part of the original set, but was out around 1949, and then was replaced with a color that would eventually be fazed out in 1995, and then was replaced by one of the answers in Question 4?

1996. Name the two voice actors of Red and Yellow. Red is a longtime voice actor with tons of TV appearances, and Yellow is an Oscar-winning actor.

Question 6

1997. What is the official name of the chain of stores that sell overpriced M&Ms in major metropolitan areas, the most famous being the one in Times Square?

Question 7

1998. In what kind of container would you find an unopened set of M&M Minis?

1999. On the official McDonald’s website, a McFlurry is one of the two varieties of McFlurrys listed. The other variety of McFlurry contains what instead?

Question 9

2000. What band famously included this entry in their concert rider, which specified what should be prepared before they arrive to do a concert?

Question 10

Thanks everyone for helping me get to 2000! I’m off tomorrow, and then I’m back for Friday for a 2017 memorial!


1991. Murrie
1992. Smarties
1993. Red (bag color)
1994. Orange and Blue
1995. Violet and Tan
1996. Billy West and J.K. Simmons
1997. M&Ms World
1998. Plastic tube
1999. Oreos
2000. Van Halen

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