11/16/17 – Peanut Butter


Welcome to Five Course Trivia! Five days a week, we’ll post five questions about something from the culinary world, from soup to nuts and all dishes in between.

Well, the questions yesterday were difficult. I’ll have a better recap of the questions tomorrow regarding food writers.

Since I didn’t feel like doing research on this late at night, today’s questions are all about peanut butter. Enjoy!

1. Seen here is a cross section of what candy bar, now produced by Hershey? Invented by William Luden in 1936, its name is probably supposed to invoke elegance, like its namesake location.

Question 1

2. In the United States, to the nearest 5%, what percent of peanut butter must be made with peanuts?

3. Elvis Presley is known for a peanut butter and banana sandwich, stemming from the Fool’s Gold Loaf, made at the Colorado Mine Company in Denver. According to stories, he would even take a trip on a jet to Denver, get the sandwich, and immediately go back. Besides the peanut butter and banana, what other ingredient is found on these sandwiches?

4. Besides peanut butter, what are the other two main ingredients in the dish called ants on a log?

5. Peanut punch, made with peanut butter, milk, sugar, and sometimes spices, is a drink associated with what region?

Question 5

6. What word has been removed from this jar? Also, from what language do we get the word that has been removed?

Question 6


1. 5th Avenue
2. 90%
3. Bacon
4. Celery and raisin
5. the Caribbean
6. Goober, Gullah

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