10/16/17 – Mexican Food Cartoons

Mexican food ingredients

Welcome to Five Course Trivia! Five days a week, we’ll post five questions about something from the culinary world, from soup to nuts and all dishes in between.

I took a couple of weeks off, since LL74 wrapped up and because school gets tricky.

This edition is inspired by friend-of-the-show Alex Jeffrey. About a week ago, Alex shared a photo to my Facebook that featured an amazing diagram that shows Mexican foods broken down into a taxonomy, while each of the foods were cartoons! So, in honor of this amazing graphic, I made a quiz.

Given a cartoon food and its definition, name the food. The graphic in full can be found with the answers. Good luck!

1. Tortilla chips that are topped with cheese, chiles, etc. then heated until the cheese melts.

Question 1

2. A torta made with a sesame seed bread roll, made with egg, and often includes avocado, meat, and white cheese, with the final product looking like a brioche.

22256635_10101565977779802_8027196566038001165_o copy 2
Question 2

3. Tamale variety featuring mole sauce and chicken, named after the Mexican state where it originates.

22256635_10101565977779802_8027196566038001165_o copy 3
Question 3

4. Traditional soup made with hominy, pork, and shredded vegetables.

22256635_10101565977779802_8027196566038001165_o copy 5
Question 4

5. Rotating pork dish directly inspired by the Lebanese population that immigrated to Mexico in the early 20th century.

22256635_10101565977779802_8027196566038001165_o copy 4
Question 5

6. Street food consisting of a corn on the cob, and covered with salt, chili powder, butter, and other spices, which I had for the first time over the weekend!

22256635_10101565977779802_8027196566038001165_o copy 6

7. Sweet roll, sometimes topped with anise seeds, that is traditionally eaten November 1st or 2nd.

22256635_10101565977779802_8027196566038001165_o copy 7
Question 7



Click [here] for the original graphic.

1. Nachos
2. Cemitas
3. Oaxaquenos
4. Pozole
5. Pastor
6. Elote
7. Pan de muerto

One thought on “10/16/17 – Mexican Food Cartoons

  1. Got 5/7! The connection between Middle Eastern food and Mexican food is really fascinating. If you’re interested in learning more, I suggest reading Gary Nabhan’s “Arab/American: Landscape, Culture, and Cuisine in Two Great Deserts”.


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