9/28/17 – “ZZ” Foods


Welcome to Five Course Trivia! Five days a week, we’ll post five questions about something from the culinary world, from soup to nuts and all dishes in between.

Today is the last day of LL74! Hope your final Match Day goes well, and if you’re close to getting promoted (or not getting demoted), I hope the matches go your way. I will end this season around 18th in my A Rundle, which keeps me secure for LL75. I also went 6 for 9 on F/D, missing kreplach, meatballs, and rhubarb, but still getting dill, Emmental, Bologna, Sun-Maid, eggs, and tabasco.

By the way, of the 6 questions I got right, 5 of them had essentially been previous 5CT questions. That is really exciting. I’m getting closer and closer to singularity.

To mark the end of another season, here are questions about foods that have “zz” somewhere in their name. Enjoy!

1. What animal organ is also called the gigerium, the gastric mill, or the ventriculus?

2. Peach schnapps and orange juice are the central ingredients of what cocktail?

Question 2

3. Name the Italian wafer cookies seen here, usually flavored with some anise, which are often rolled to make the shell for cannoli.

Question 3

4. You might get baked into a pie when you perform what culinary action, the act of frying meat or dough until the edges curl? The name also refers to a type of domesticated chicken with curled feathers.

5. Name the dish seen here, and name the occupation of the namesake of the dish.

Question 5

6. Name the restaurant chain whose logo has been edited here. Thanks to its inclusion in gas stations and convenience stores, it’s the 10th largest restaurant chain in the US.

Question 6




1. Gizzard
2. Fuzzy Navel
3. Pizzelles
4. Frizzle
5. Chicken tetrazzini, Luis Tetrazzini was an opera singer
6. Hunt Brothers Pizza


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