9/26/17 – Spaghetti Dishes


Welcome to Five Course Trivia! Five days a week, we’ll post five questions about something from the culinary world, from soup to nuts and all dishes in between.

Another food question? Let’s review.

LearnedLeague precedent (LL74, MD22): The simplest and most authentic Italian version of the dish known as spaghetti alla carbonara contains four main ingredients (not including olive oil, salt, and pepper): spaghetti, cured pork (guanciale/pancetta), grated hard cheese (e.g., Parmigiano-Reggiano), and what fourth ingredient?

Yay! From Olympics Part 2.

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 11.21.42 PM

Boom. I’m now 5 for 8. Also, if you haven’t already, check on the show “Master of None”, a Netflix original starring South Carolina-born Aziz Ansari. Spaghetti alla carbonara is in fact a plot point in the show!

So, for today’s questions. There is a number of different styles of spaghetti out there, where the one asked today is “alla carbonara”. In similar vein of the Chicken Dishes post, I’ll give you how the dish is made, and you tell me the words that go after “spaghetti”. Since the dishes are Italian, they’ll be either “al” or “alla”. Good luck!

1. With clams

Question 1

2. Made in Sicily, a dish made with sautéed eggplant, tomatoes, ricotta, and basil. Probably takes its name from a Bellini opera.

Question 2

3. With sauce made of tomatoes, minced garlic, and minced beef. Not really known in Italy, it’s the kind of spaghetti my mom makes.

Question 3

4. With tomatoes, olive oil, black olives, parsley, and garlic, whose name means “in the style of a whore”.

Question 4

5. With a thick noodle, named after the device which is used to make it, where the device is named after an instrument it sort of resembles.

Question 5

6. With Genoese basil/garlic sauce.

Question 6


1. Alle vongole
2. Alla Norma
3. Alla Bolognese
4. Alla puttanesca
5. Alla chitarra
6. Al pesto

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