9/8/17 – Dill


Welcome to Five Course Trivia! Five days a week, we’ll post five questions about something from the culinary world, from soup to nuts and all dishes in between.

We recently had a F/D question, so let’s go to the tape:

Learned League precedent (LL74, MD7): What is the common name of the herb Anethum graveolens, a member of the parsley family that is visually similar to fennel? It is used abundantly in Poland, Russia, and the Nordic countries with fish (e.g., gravlax), and is also used on potatoes, to flavor cucumbers and gherkins, and with sour cream and yogurt.

Turns out, Five Course Trivia has written about this before on our Herbs episode:

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 10.55.03 AM

The answer was dill, and I got it right this time! I am now 1 for 2 this season.

Here’s five more questions on dill! Enjoy.

1. Seen here is the popular dill variant of what cheese, which takes its name from a dairy farm in Øverød, near Copenhagen?

Question 1

2. The halibut seen here is topped with a dill-lemon version of what sauce from the Loire Valley, made with hot butter, white wine, and gray shallots?

Question 2

3. From the Latin for “water of life”, name the Scandinavian spirit shown here, flavored with either dill or caraway, and made from grain or potatoes. An important drink in Nordic countries, it is often enjoyed when also singing the ditty “Helan Går”.

Question 3

4. The dill pickle treat, and apparently Southern treat seen here is called what, which comes from the substance that is used to change its color? As expected, you can enjoy these pickles in a variety of colors.

Question 4

5. Opening in 2009 and currently with head chef Ragnar Eiríksson, Dill is the name of the first restaurant in its country to be awarded a Michelin star, and is found in the capital of which country?

Question 5

Have a great weekend! Stay safe.



1. Havarti
2. Beurre blanc
3. Akvavit
4. Koolickle (made from dipping pickles in Kool-Aid)
5. Iceland (found in Reykjavik)

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