8/14/17 – Video Game Foods (w/ Jonathan Oakes)


Welcome to Five Course Trivia! Five days a week, we’ll post five questions about something from the culinary world, from soup to nuts and all dishes in between.

This week is Guest Week here at FCT, and I’m inviting friends and supporters of the site to craft some of their own questions! Today, we have questions from Jonathan Oakes, an IT Business Partner in Jacksonville, Florida. For all you that follow trivia podcasts, Jonathan is the eminent host and creator of Trivial Warfare, which should be on your weekly listening list. Everything after this point was written by him. Enjoy!

1. Throughout the original Portal game, Chell advances to the end and is “motivated” by GLADoS by being assured there will be cake, which eventually turns out to be a lie. As evidenced by the chocolate and maraschino cherries, what type of cake with a geographic name is shown here, so delicious and moist?

Question 1

2. Elixir Soup is a powerful potion that is available to Link in 2003’s The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Walker. Whom does Link have to heal in order gain access to this potion? A person with this position appears in the name of a former Cooking Channel program hosted by Mo Rocca, discussing their ravioli.

Question 2

3. Nuka-Cola, and obvious sendup of Coke, was the most popular soft drink in the world before the Great War in what video game series?

Question 3

4. Introduced in Pokémon Generation III, what food item is able to cure any status effect from a hurt Pokémon? Bonus points if you can name the item as it was known in the original Japanese game.

Question 4

5. Snow Bear, Spark Lemon and Big Bad Pete are edible ice creams in what long running video game series developed by Square Enix?

Question 5

Thanks again to Jonathan for crafting today’s questions! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Guest Week edition!


1. Black Forest
2. Grandmother
3. Fallout
4. Lava Cookie, Lavaridge Rice Crackers
5. Kingdom Hearts

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