7/24/17 – Wine Tasting


Welcome to Five Course Trivia! Five days a week, we’ll post five questions about something from the culinary world, from soup to nuts and all dishes in between.

In case you didn’t spend your weekend getting day drunk on wine, today’s post will let you experience that experience through proxy. I didn’t go wine tasting over the weekend, but I did discover something amazing regarding the history of wine tasting. Enjoy!

1. In wine tasting, there are generally five parts involved, which is colloquially called the 5 S’s, five different features that begin with the letter S. Name those S words.

2. What term in wine tasting describes the degree a wine reflects its varietal origins? This can be understood like how much a Pinot noir “tastes like a Pinot noir”.

3. Through the Court of Master Sommeliers, the main union of sommeliers in the US, within $100, how much do you need to pay so you can take the Certified Sommelier Examination? On an episode of Parks and Rec, April takes the test after Donna puts up the $200 she needs, but that is NOT the amount needed.

4. Name the common name for the 1976 event in wine tasting, named after a moment in Greek mythology, where red and white wines from Napa Valley and France were blind tasted by judges, and resulted in American wines actually beating French wines. This event was depicted in the 2008 film “Bottle Shock”.

Question 4

5. Name the man seen here. A British expert and French wine merchant, he organized the event in Question 4. He was portrayed by Alan Rickman in the 2008 film “Bottle Shock”, and this guy’s name is one letter more than the college football personality in the second picture, seen in an Arby’s.

Question 5
Question 5, minus the letter N

6. Name the construct seen here, often used in wine tasting.

Question 6



1. See, Swirl, Smell/Sniff, Sip, Savor/Summarize
2. Typicity
3. $595
4. Judgment of Paris
5. Steven Spurrier
6. Aroma Wheel

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