7/19/17 – World Wednesday – Chinese


Welcome to Five Course Trivia! Five days a week, we’ll post five questions about something from the culinary world, from soup to nuts and all dishes in between.

The World Wednesday Junk is making its 30th stop, and we finally land in China! I’ve been mostly avoiding this topic, since I wasn’t sure how to properly ask about the whole that is Chinese cuisine. I’ve learned that Chinese cuisine is broken down into the “Eight Cuisines” of the country, so this quiz will ask about some food from each.


1. Anhui – Based on the odor that the food gives off, name the dish seen here whose quality in the Anhui region is based on the amount of spice used in, as natives like more spice in this dish.

Question 1

2. Cantonese – As evidenced by the name of a traditional dish, the use of vinegar, preserved plums, and haw flakes are used together in a meat dish that gives the meat what flavor distinction?

3. Fujian – One of the more expensive dishes to leave the Fujian Province is this dish, which contains shark fin, quail eggs, bamboo shoots, and scallops. The expense of course is due to ethics about shark hunting. What English name is given to the dish, alluding to how vegetarian monks would supposedly leave escape from a monastery so they could enjoy this meat dish?

4. Hunan – The province where Mao was born, what defining quality is associated with the cuisine of Hunan, evidenced with sauces like mala?

5. Jiangsu – A type of steamed bun, name the dumpling seen here filled with chicken, pork, ham, and gelatinized broth.

Question 5

6. Shandong – Although not particularly associated with the local cuisine, name the brewing company seen here, the country’s second largest, centered in the Shandong city of Qingdao.

Question 6

7. Zhejiang – Made by both pan-frying and red cooking pork belly, and also stewing it in soy sauce and wine, name the dish seen here, named after a Song dynasty writer and gastronome.

Question 7

8. And finally, name the eighth style of Chinese cooking. Also home to kung pao chicken and twice cooked pork, it lends its name to a sauce that was used in the late 90s by McDonald’s to promote the movie Mulan. Knowledge of this sauce resurged in April 2017, and I’d like to think it may one day return to McDonald’s.

Homemade Question 8



1. Stinky tofu
2. Sweet and sour pork
3. Buddha Jumps Over the Wall
4. Hot and spicy
5. Xiaolongbao
6. Tsingtao
7. Dongpo pork
8. Sichuan / Szechuan

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