5/18/17 – Doughnuts 2


Welcome to Five Course Trivia! Five days a week, we’ll post five questions about something from the culinary world, from soup to nuts and all dishes in between.

First of all, hopefully you got the LVMH question right yesterday, as that question was asked here on 5CT on our 1000th question anniversary talking about champagne! My Bus/Econ score is pretty terrible, so I’m glad that I’ve gotten at least two questions about food business.

As this weekend we head back to the city of Twin Peaks, Washington to find out what’s been going on in the American Northwest, I think we should revisit one of the town’s favorite foods. And since I’ve already written three coffee posts, let’s do doughnuts. Enjoy!

1. Name the man and restauranteur seen here.

Question 1

2. While the word “cruller” means fried pastry made from a rectangle of dough and made with a twisty shape, what word fills in the blank “___ cruller” to describe the classic doughnut shape pastry that you are probably more familiar with?

Question 2

3. The Fasnacht (or similar spelling) is a fried doughnut that is almost always created and eaten for which Christian celebration day?

Question 3

4. Name this bar-shaped, glaze-covered doughnut, similar to an eclair and associated I think to the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic area. The name of the doughnut comes from the first two-thirds of a famous literary seafarer.

Question 4

5. Name the word covered up in this Inglewood, California establishment by icing and sprinkles.

Question 5

6. Associated with Chicago food history, what’s unique about a Brown Bobby doughnut?

Bonus 7: If you are looking for a damn fine cup of coffee, then you might pair that doughnut with a brand like Guji, Sidamo, Yirgachaffe, or Harar, all brands that originate in which country, the origin of the coffee arabica plant?


1. Tim Horton
2. French
3. Shrove Tuesday
4. Long John
5. Randy’s
6. They’re triangular
7. Ethiopia

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