5/4/17 – Italian Cheeses


Welcome to Five Course Trivia! Five days a week, we’ll post five questions about something from the culinary world, from soup to nuts and all dishes in between.

Happy Cinco de Cuatro everyone! Here at 5CT, everyone in the front office is going to Italy next week, and we thought it would pay off to learn some things about the food before we get there. By the way, for sending me a recommendation list of restaurants in Rome, Matt Maguire is now a honorary friend-of-the-show here at 5CT.

Having covered wine and desserts, I think talking about cheese would probably be a good idea. Enjoy!

1. What’s the Italian word for cheese?

2. The milk of the animal seen here is used to make what traditional Italian cheese.

Question 2

3. With about 48% fat, name this creamy cheese from Lombardy with a mild, salty-sweet flavor. This square cheese is really old, as writers like Cicero and Pliny the Elder have mentioned this cheese in their writing.

Question 3

4. Caprino cheese is made from the milk of what animal?

5. Name the Italian dessert seen here, and name the creamy cheese with a whipped cream consistency that is used as a central ingredient.

Question 5

6. This is an excerpt from the DOP logo for what hard Italian cheese, sometimes referred to as the “poor man’s Parmesan”.

Question 6

7. Meaning “beautiful country”, name this semi-soft cheese named for a book written by Italian geologist Antonio Stoppani about the history of the geology of Italy.

Question 7


1. Formaggio
2. Mozzarella (this is the Italian Mediterranean Buffalo)
3. Taleggio
4. Goat (from the word “capra” meaning goat, like Capricorn)
5. Tiramisu, Mascarpone
6. Asiago
7. Bel Paese

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