4/28/17 – Italian Wines


Welcome to Five Course Trivia! Five days a week, we’ll post five questions about something from the culinary world, from soup to nuts and all dishes in between.

Sorry for the sporadicness of the blog, as this will be the fourth post in April. Finals are a taxing time, but I’m encouraged to pick it back up for this week. I’m leaving for Italy in 8 days! I plan to sight see a nice bit of Italy in the matter of a week’s time. However, if I’m going over there, I better know what to order when I place my order at the Olive Garden. So, prepare to see hopefully several Italian themed quizzes based on things I probably ought to know when I get there.

Also, if you have any recommendations for dining in Rome, Naples, Florence, or Venice, I’d love to hear them.

Buon appetito!

1. Name the Italian wine region redacted here. Home to wines like Corvina, Garganega, and Merlot, this region is the top wine producing region in Italy, producing nearly 10 million hectolitres in 2015.

Question 1

2. Speaking of this region, name the wine from this region which is in competition with the French champagne because of its texture? Made from Glera grapes, this bubbly wine is the main ingredient in a Bellini cocktail.

3. Sometimes called the “King of Italian wines”, name this red wine from the Piedmont region. Made with Nebbiolo grapes, this wine has historically been one of the heavier tannic wines in Italy.

Question 3

4. Name the medium-bodied wine seen here, made in the Umbria region. Made with Grechetto grapes, this white wine is dry, crisp, and often features pear or apple flavors.

Question 4

5. Name the wine seen here. Produced in Tuscany and traditionally bottled in special glassware called a fiasco, this wine with a fruity taste would pair well with tomato-based dishes, and despite common knowledge, would not pair well with fatty foods like liver or other offal.

Question 5

6. Name the American family seen here. Two patriarchs of the family, Ernesto and Julio (not pictured), started a winery here in the US after their parents immigrated near the turn of the century to California. This probably won’t help me out in Italy, but a good thing to know nonetheless.

Question 6

7. Name the wine made in its namesake Sicilian city that was used in the chicken dish seen here.

Question 7

Have a great weekend!


1. Veneto
2. Prosecco
3. Barolo
4. Orvieto
5. Chianti
6. Gallo
7. Marsala

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