3/7/17 – Rum


Welcome to Five Course Trivia! Five days a week, we’ll post five questions about something from the culinary world, from soup to nuts and all dishes in between.

We had a drink question yesterday, so let’s go to the tape:

Learned League precedent (LL72, MD10) – 1.5 oz. of white rum, 0.5 oz. of simple syrup, and 1 oz. of lime juice: This is a recipe for a cocktail named after what small village and beach that US troops stormed at the end of the nineteenth century?

Unfortunately for me, the US didn’t storm the beaches of Mojito. I knew it would be a Caribbean sounding name because we were in the Spanish-American War, and also the drink has rum in it. From my research, the city of Daiquiri is not much of a village, and you probably should know it from the drink ingredients. I’ve always thought daiquiris had fruit in them, but I now see that fruit daiquiris are just a variation on the original drink. My usual lack of drinking knowledge bumps me down to 3 for 5 for the year.

So, with a yo ho ho, let’s enjoy a bottle of rum.

1. What country is the traditional birthplace of rum? A major stop on the Triangular Trade, the Mount Gay Rum distillery, founded in 1703, is the oldest rum brand in the world. Rums centered in this country include 96 Cockspur Old Gold, Real McCoy, and Malibu.

Question 1

2. The five cocktails shown here are distinct from each other, but their names collectively make up a well known quintet. Name the drink that has been obscured by the yellow box.

3. When businessman Facund Bacardí and his brother Jose moved into a distillery in 1862 found in Santiago de Cuba, what animal did the Bacardis find in the rafters?

4. Derived from the Tahitian for “good”, white rum, black rum, curacao, syrup, and lime juice are the ingredients of what cocktail, supposedly invented by either Donn Beach or Victor Bergeron?

5. Besides rum (or lime juice), what’s the other ingredient in a Cuba Libre?

6. Name this Welsh privateer who started a financial base in Port Royal, Jamaica, and who has no connection to rum that I can tell (certainly none corporately, but probably not involving his traditional privateering).

Question 6

7. Name the cocktail pictured here, made with one part white rum, one part golden rum, one part dark rum, one part apricot brandy, one part pineapple juice, one part lime juice, and half part Bacardi 151. It takes its name from a Donn Beach anecdote of how the fruity overtaste disguises the large alcohol content, and a customer who tried one and didn’t make it through a business meeting.

Question 7

8. A cocktail with white rum, coconut milk, and pineapple juice is called a piña colada. What cocktail do you get if you replace the rum with vodka?


1. Barbados
2. Staten Island Ferry (the other four are Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens)
3. Fruit bat (as seen on their logo)
4. Mai Tai
5. Coca-Cola (it’s also called a Rum and Coke)
6. Captain Henry Morgan
7. Zombie
8. Chi chi

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