1/23/17 – Boston


Welcome to Five Course Trivia! Five days a week, we’ll post five questions about something from the culinary world, from soup to nuts and all dishes in between.

Lot of being busy last week, including a trip to MIT for the annual MIT Mystery Hunt. I would like to announce here that NEXT week will be Guest Week, while it had be originally planned for this week. If you’re in the slate for a guest edition, we will be in touch very soon.

Today’s set of question is inspired surprisingly not by my recent trip to the Freedom Trail and MIT, but rather a round of Trivial Pursuit I played while at Boston that featured a question about #2. Enjoy!

1. Custard comes in a range of styles: Custard that is a thin pouring sauce is Crème anglaise, or English cream. Custard that is a thick pastry cream, like the custard found in a Boston cream pie, is called what?

Question 1

2. What Boston woman’s 1896 cookbook, Boston Cooking-School Cook Book, was the best selling cookbook and its time, and also helped standardized measurements using measuring spoons and cups in cookery?

Question 2

3. What Massachusetts staple is seen here? The second, fourth, and fifth letter of this dish spells out the type of fish it is often made from.

Question 3

4. What word has been deleted from this Cambridge based fish market / restaurant chain?

Question 4

5. Beantown gets its nickname from its famous baked beans dish. What ingredient is used to flavor the beans in Boston, which is slightly different that the ingredient used in the rest of New England?


1. Crème pâtissière
2. Fannie Farmer
3. Scrod (often made from cod)
4. Legal
5. Molasses

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