1/2/2017 – Three Vowels, One Consonant


Welcome to Five Course Trivia! Five days a week, we’ll post five questions about something from the culinary world, from soup to nuts and all dishes in between.

A new year, more opportunities for food questions. In honor of my friend Erik Agard releasing a book of food-related crosswords in his Food for Thought Crosswords, here’s a set of four-letter words, each with only one consonant. Good luck!

1. FOIE – Foie gras, translating as “fat liver”, is made from the liver of one of which two critters? Also, which one of those critters makes up the majority of foie gras production today?

2. OREO – Oreos are standardly made with black cookies and white creme. What name is given an Oreo which uses a vanilla, yellow colored cookie instead of black ones?

Question 2

3. ACAI – This berry is notable as a superfood, even though no major academic article says there are major health benefits. The acai palm is found mostly in Brazil and what island, off the coast of Venezuela, about 7 miles away from Venezuela land. The city of Port-of-Spain sits on this island.

Question 3

4. ICEE – In the standard logo where the letters of ICEE are found in individual boxes, what color is found behind the letter “I”?

5. OUZO – Ouzo is famously not made into cocktails, where if you drink with something else, it’ll be water. Cyprus however makes a ouzini, which is ouzo mixed with what other fluid, the majority of a Harvey Wallbanger?

Buy Erik’s book! See link above.


1. Duck and goose, 95%+ is ducks
2. Golden Oreos
3. Trinidad
4. Blue
5. Orange juice


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