12/27/2016 – USDA Beef Ratings


Welcome to Five Course Trivia! Five days a week, we’ll post five questions about something from the culinary world, from soup to nuts and all dishes in between.

With only one week left in 2016, some of the alphabetical index is still incomplete: J, U, and V (excluding the World Wednesday editions like Japanese and Vietnamese). Today’s edition takes care of one of the three.

There are eight USDA ratings for beef, and here are eight questions with tangential connections to each one! Enjoy!

1. Prime – What prime number appears on the front of a bottle of Jack Daniel’s, stating that it’s the “Old No.” this number variety?

2. Choice – Multiple choice: Of bacon, lettuce, or tomato, which one is found in the mock-Polynesian dish rumaki?

3. Select – Chicken Selects were sold at what restaurant?

4. Standard – To the nearest integer, a standard tablespoon has how many milliliters?

5. Commercial – Name the athlete that starred in the “Hey Kid, Catch!” commercial for Coca-Cola, which aired during Super Bowl XIV, which aired January 20th, 1980. This player would later go on to win that Super Bowl.

6. Utility – In a case of completely different functional utility, name the pie company founded in 1871 in Bridgeport, Connecticut, which provided pies to Yale, and closed in 1958, has a lasting legacy due to their pie tins?

7. Cutter – Seen in Japanese cuisine, this knife seen here, the unagisaki hōchō, is used on which kind of meat?

Question 7

8. Canner – What word has been edited out of this photo?

Question 8


1. Old No. 7
2. Bacon
3. McDonald’s
4. 15 (technically 14.78)
5. Mean Joe Greene
6. Frisbie
7. Eel
8. Hormel

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