12/19/2016 – Peppermint


Welcome to Five Course Trivia! Five days a week, we’ll post five questions about something from the culinary world, from soup to nuts and all dishes in between.

With three Match Days to go, I’m sitting in 4th place in my B Rundle. With any luck, I’ll stay in the top 5 and make it to A for next season. But I’m not counting my chicken nuggets, since I was in a similar spot last season and ended up in ninth place.

It’s Christmas next week! While I’ll still be covering any foods that appear in LL71, let’s enjoy the holiday season with some yuletide foods! There a LOT of Christmas food, so this segment will last for most of these next two weeks. Today, let’s have some peppermint. Enjoy!

1. According to tradition, a choirmaster of a cathedral in which European city in 1670 got a local sweets maker to make candy canes in order for the children to learn about the life of Jesus?

2. What three-word slogan has been edited out of this photo?

Question 2

3. While it sounds like it comes from Candyland’s Peppermint Forest, name the confection seen here made with crush candy canes, white chocolate, and dark chocolate.

Question 3

4. Name the candies seen here. Personally, I really don’t like these candies, as I would MUCH prefer the sleek original peppermint candy.

Question 4

5. Besides peppermint, what other ingredient is used to make the candies seen here?

Question 5

6. Rumple Minze is a German-style peppermint what kind of drink, where peppermint flavor is added to a neutral grain spirit, leading to a 100 proof drink?

Question 6



1. Cologne, Germany
2. Get the sensation!
3. Peppermint bark
4. Sweet Stripes
5. Nougat
6. Schnapps

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