12/16/2016 – Nut Identification


Welcome to Five Course Trivia! Five days a week, we’ll post five questions about something from the culinary world, from soup to nuts and all dishes in between.

Food question!

Learned League precedent (LL71, MD21) – What type of nuts, from the state tree of Texas, are pictured here?

LL71 MD21

As a son of the South, this was a layup. I have distinct memories of my youth of gathering bagfuls of pecans with my grandparents (both sets) from a nearby grove, and cracking them with a hand tool. This was a clever question, designed to trip up some of you Yankees. With this pecan question, I go 6 for 9.

Also, the word “can” is in “pecan”, and it’s pronounced “pee-can”.

In honor of two Noodle Identification here at Five Course Trivia, I’ll give you some nuts unshelled, you name the nut.

Hazelnut (Corylus avellana) Europe
Question 1
Question 2
Question 3
Question 4
Question 5
Question 6
Question 7

Have a great weekend!


1. Hazelnut
2. Macadamia
3. Almond
4. Chestnut
5. Brazil nut
6. Pistachio
7. Doughnut

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