9/22/2016 – Brown


Welcome to Five Course Trivia! Five days a week, we’ll post five questions about something from the culinary world, from soup to nuts and all dishes in between.

We had a F/D question yesterday, so let’s go to the tape:

LearnedLeague precedent (LL70, MD19) – A picture of what appears, appropriately, on the label for HP Sauce, England’s favorite brown sauce?

One of my hobbies is watching British quiz shows, and I was fortunate enough to have learned this fact last week while watching The Chase. I do like to research question while I’m watching the programmes, and several of these FCT installments are inspired from a question I did not know from a show. I’d *like* to think I would have gotten the HP-Houses of Parliament connection had I not known it, but we’ll never be sure. But hey, if you need to guess a British thing that appears on a logo, Big Ben is always a great guess.

Since we Sauces on Tuesday (where I seriously considered writing about HP Sauce, but chose to pass in order to ask about non-brand sauces), here’s a quiz on brown foods. Enjoy!

1. Brown rice appears brown as it retains an outer layer called what, consisting of aleurone and pericarp? Wheat kernels also contain a layer with this name, and the name is best associated with cereals.

2. Brown sugar is brown as it contains between 5% and 10% of what food product? This product is also the central ingredient of a shoofly pie.

Question 2

3. The picture seen here is a homemade version of what brand of Little Debbie snack cakes?

Question 3

4. Brown butter, but more formerly beurre noisette, is a butter used in French cuisine named after what nut, the color of which is the color the milk turns after heating?

Question 4

5. The seal seen here came from the root beer variety of what soft drink company, founded in 1869 and closely associated with New York City?

Question 5

Tomorrow: We ask our 1000th question!



1. Bran
2. Molasses
3. Cosmic Brownies
4. Hazelnut
5. Dr. Brown’s

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