8/26/2016 – Seven-Layer Dip


Welcome to Five Course Trivia! Five days a week, we’ll post five questions about something from the culinary world, from soup to nuts and all dishes in between.

It what is more or less the final installment of our Friday summer food series, I figured it would be fun to ask questions about the seven-layer dip. One question of each of the main ingredients would due nicely for a neat set. Enjoy!

1. Refried beans – In standard Tex-Mex cuisine, which kind of bean is used to make refried beans?

2. Guacamole – Guac is a common topping on what deep fried corn tortilla, seen here?

Question 2

3. Sour cream – The cropped photo seen here comes from a tub of what brand name?

Question 3

4. Salsa – Salsa cruda is a salsa with what specific preparation?

5. Grated cheese – Along with some cream cheese, which three cheese are found in a Three Cheese Blend made by Kraft?

Question 5

6. Black olives – Name the French dish seen here, made with black olives, desalted anchovies, and capers, which are then served on crackers.

Question 6

7. Lettuce (mind you, the seventh layer can be anything like ground beef or green onion) – The most popular type in the US, crisphead lettuce is certainly better known as what kind of lettuce?

Next Monday: More food trivia! Have a great weekend!


1. Pinto beans
2. Tostada
3. Daisy
4. Raw / not cooked
5. Monterey jack, Colby, and Cheddar
6. Tapenade
7. Iceberg

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