8/10/2016 – Olympic Cities Part 1


Welcome to Five Course Trivia! Five days a week, we’ll post five questions about something from the culinary world, from soup to nuts and all dishes in between.

Well, the Olympics are in full swing, and I hope you’ve been enjoying them as much as I have. I figure there’s no time like now to do a quick worldwide trip this week, as we look at Olympic food! Simply put, here’s a food that you might encounter in each of the hosting cities. Today, we cover 1896 through 1932. Enjoy!

Athens 1896: A traditional Greek salad is made up of cucumber, tomatoes, olives, red onion, and topped with what signature Greek item?

Paris 1900: Name the word that has been blocked out of this photo, which completes the name of this apparently insanely good French butter?

Question 1900

St. Louis 1904: Often enjoyed as a late night treat, what St. Louis dish (whose name is one letter off of a TV character played by Jamie Farr) is made of two eggs, hash browns, hamburger patty, chili con carne, cheese, and onions?

Question 1904

London 1908: According to a 2016 Pubs Galore survey, what name, a color followed by an animal, is the most common pub name in Great Britain, with 590 different locations? Mind you, these are all independent of each other, and not a chain.

Stockholm 1912: Notably produced into a jam, name the berry seen here that is plentiful in Sweden.

Question 1912

Antwerp 1920: Seen here is a local version of what juniper-flavored drink, the national drink of Belgium (and the Netherlands), which is from where gin was evolved?

Question 1920

Paris 1924: With a variant called “Breton”, name the French pancake seen here, made of buckwheat flour and a savory filling like fruit or sausage.

Question 1924

Amsterdam 1928: If you head into a shop in Amsterdam with the name “Kaas” on the outside, what food should you expect to see on the inside?

Los Angeles 1932: Founded in 1947 (so you probably couldn’t enjoy it during this Olympics), name the LA-based casual dining restaurant chain whose logo has been edited here.

Question 1932

Tomorrow: We cover 1936 Berlin through 1980 Moscow. Keep enjoying the Olympics!


1896. Feta cheese
1900. Bordier
1904. Slinger
1908. Red Lion
1912. Lingonberry
1920. Jenever
1924. Galette
1928. Cheese. It’s the Dutch word for it, and Dutch cheeses often have that word suffixed to them
1932. Fatburger

One thought on “8/10/2016 – Olympic Cities Part 1

  1. Thanks for putting these quizzes together! The Fudgie the Whale question was particularly timely last week.

    I’d suggest that a galette is more of a pie than a pancake, at least in any version I’ve made or seen a recipe for.


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