7/27/2016 – World Wednesday – Chilean


among the market vegetables,
this torpedo
from the ocean
a missile
that swam,
lying in front of me
-Pablo Neruda, “Ode to a Large Tuna in the Market”

On this 24th stop on the World Wednesday tour bus, we travel down the Pan-American highway to my favorite foreign country I’ve ever been to (1st out of one), Chile. I feel bad these photos aren’t ones I took. But then again, if I took pictures of the food I ate, I’d just be another one of those Instagram people. Nonetheless, hope you enjoy!

¡Buen apetito!

1. What Chilean dish is impressively a bunch of French fries covered with beef, onions, cheese, and at least one fried egg? I tried it when I was down there, and I was pleased to knock out half of it.

Question 1

2. With variants in Peru and the US, this Chilean pastry pictured here is a fried pastry with pumpkin in the dough, and served with pebre (seen below) or the sweet sauce chancaca.

Question 2

3. Associated with the Chiloe Archipelago, name this sometimes considered national dish where seafood, meat, and vegetables are cooked in the ground using heated stones. If this too obscure for you, I’ll give you credit if you can tell me the food name similar in spelling to it: either the piquant berry that comes in red, white, and black varieties, or the unrelated berry also called Corinthian raisins.

Question 3

4. The earth oven called umu pae and foods wrapped in banana leaves is an important part of Pascuense cuisine, or the cuisine of which Chilean region?

Question 4

5. The national drink of Chile is certainly this colored brandy often served in a “sour” version which is seen below, as well as a highball cocktail where it is combined portmanteauically with cola.

Question 5

Tomorrow: Let’s find out together!

1. Chorrillana
2. Sopaipilla
3. Curanto / currant
4. Easter Island
5. Pisco

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