7/19/2016 – Brooklyn (w/ Keith Williams)

Viva Violeta Photography Sunset at The river café restaurant most romantic view

Welcome to Five Course Trivia! Five days a week, we’ll post five questions about something from the culinary world, from soup to nuts and all dishes in between.

This week is Guest Week here at FCT, and I’m inviting friends and supporters of the site to craft some of their own questions! Today, we have questions from Keith Williams, a journalist living in Brooklyn but originally from Vermont. He is also the pioneer behind the TV-based game theory site The Final WagerEverything after this point was written by him. Enjoy!

1. The name of what sugar substitute, invented in Brooklyn in 1957, came from a Tennyson poem that had been set to music?

2. Until its closing in 2005, Mrs. Stahl’s was a famed purveyor in Brighton Beach. For what “Jewish soul food” item, which consists of baked dough with a filling (usually potatoes or onions), was Mrs. Stahl’s known?

Question 2

3. What company, founded in Flatbush in 1898, invented the see-through box for its pastries? Frank Sinatra was a regular customer, placing weekly orders for its crumb-topped coffee cake; it now does its business almost entirely through supermarkets.

4. In the early 20th century, with more than 40 breweries, Bushwick was the beer capital of America; by 1976, it had none. What label, today owned by Samuel Adams, was the last to close its doors? Its longtime slogan proclaimed it “the one beer to have when you’re having more than one.”

Question 4

5. FDR brought them to Yalta; Walter Matthau insisted they be served at his funeral. What are these beloved Coney Island products, which receive international attention each Fourth of July?

6. Described by its curator as “a hybrid of two distinct racist stereotypes of the black female… [an] evocation of both caregiver and sex object,” Kara Walker’s A Subtlety, or the Marvelous Sugar Baby was an enormous hit among art lovers. The 75-foot-long sphinx was on display for just two months in 2014 in a Williamsburg factory – demolished soon thereafter – that had served for nearly 150 years as the main refinery of what company?

Question 6

7. According to H. Fox & Co., the purveyor of the definitive chocolate syrup used in its creation, this is the recipe for what concoction?

  • Take a tall, chilled, straight-sided, 8oz. glass
  • Spoon 1 inch of U-bet Chocolate syrup into glass
  • Add 1 inch whole milk
  • Tilt the glass and spray seltzer (from a pressurized cylinder only) off a spoon, to make a big chocolate head
  • Stir, Drink, Enjoy

8. Two window-washers from Brownsville and a pickle salesman from the Lower East Side start a beverage company… Founded in 1972, Unadulterated Food Products, Inc., was a side project until the 1980s, when the trio discovered iced tea tasted fresher when it was bottled hot. The Quaker Oats Company paid $1.7 billion for the company in 1994, which by that time had adopted what name?

9. Established in 1887, what steakhouse at the foot of the Williamsburg Bridge is the borough’s oldest restaurant? In 1922, its eponym famously tried to convince authorities that the vast quantities of wine in the cellar were for his own personal consumption, and thus not a violation of Prohibition.

10. This past Sunday, I passed by this Bensonhurst pizzeria, which sits on 86th Street under the elevated D train. It’s best known from the opening scene of what film? (Because the a/c was on, the walk-up window was closed; also, you don’t have to stack your two slices on top of each other when you eat them.)

Question 10

Thanks again to Keith for crafting today’s questions! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Guest Week author, where we head to France for World Wednesday, with questions by Sarah Toporoff!


1. Sweet’N Low
2. Knishes
3. Entenmann’s
4. Schaefer Beer
5. Nathan’s Hot Dogs
6. Domino Sugar Refinery
7. Egg cream
8. Snapple
9. Peter Luger Steakhouse
10. Saturday Night Fever

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