5/31/2016 – Dough


Welcome to Five Course Trivia! Five days a week, we’ll post five questions about something from the culinary world, from soup to nuts and all dishes in between.

Today’s edition will have you rolling in dough. Enjoy!

And before we start: Be sure to check out a Sporcle quiz I wrote yesterday about movies revolving around food. Also, feel free to give in five globes.


1. Named after the French word for “cabbages” after the shape a French chef who cooked for Catherine de Medici noticed, what dough is used to make profiteroles and eclairs?

Question 1

2. Coming from the Greek for “leaf”, name the dough famously used in Balkan cuisines, and especially for baklavas.

Question 2

3. Also a term used in some paper products, what term is given to dough consisting of many thin layers, separated by butter? This process is seen in croissants, Danishes, and puff pastries.

Question 3

4. What dough pictured has a political name, either because of the flour rationing that occurred under his leadership, or because it’s reported this bread was his favorite bread, as he would fry it to make pirozhki?

Question 4

5. Sourdough Sam is the official mascot of which NFL team?

Learned League precedent (1DS Pizza, Q12) – What is the name of the chemical reaction where heat is applied to proteins and sugars in the dough to brown the crust on a pizza?

Tomorrow: World Wednesday!


1. Choux, or pâte à choux
2. Filo or phyllo
3. Laminated dough
4. Khrushchev dough
5. San Francisco 49ers (as sourdough is huge in S.F.)
LL. Maillard reaction

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