5/24/2016 – Coca-Cola


Welcome to Five Course Trivia! Five days a week, we’ll post five questions about something from the culinary world, from soup to nuts and all dishes in between.

On this LL69 Eve, we go corporate with some trivia about the Coca-Cola Company.

Before we get into the questions, just a reminder that you ought to go through the archives here at FCT to brush up on food. As someone who really wants to make B Rundle this season, I know I will. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to check up on Billboard #1 hits in the last year, and maybe learn about some elements and world leaders. A hearty good luck with all the questions, and also good luck with LL69!

1. Name the man seen here. He’s the druggist who invented Coke in 1886 in Atlanta, first sold in Jacobs’ Pharmacy. His friend/business partner Frank M. Robinson came up with the name Coca-Cola, and created the famous logo.

Question 1

2. New Coke was introduced in the US on April 23rd, and the Coca-Cola Company announced a return to the original formula on July 11th. What was the fateful year that featured the insanity that was New Coke?

3. What is E150d?

4. Name the Coke version that has been edited out of this profile pic. Introduced in 2013 in Argentina and Chile (where I tried it while I was on Maymester), it uses stevia and sugar as sweeteners, and has less calories than a regular Coke.

Question 4

5. The vending machine seen here goes by what name? I would like to make it clear that a Cherry Coke from one of these machines is fantastic.

Question 5

Learned League precedent (ML Mexico, MD5) – The PRI Institutional Revolutionary Party ruled Mexico under different names for more than 70 years after the Mexican Revolution. Change of power only came in 2000 with the election of which former Coca-Cola executive from Guanajuato, representing the PAN (National Action Party).

Tomorrow: As we did last season, I will not discuss tomorrow’s edition. Mostly because I don’t want to have any overlap with any questions that might be live. I do plan to have editions five days a week, they just won’t be about any food being discussed. And just like last season, I’ll have next day coverage of all the food questions this season.

Further watching: Popular Youtube series Epic Rap Battles of History released a video last week with Gordon Ramsay versus Julia Child. As someone who could appreciate food puns, I figure you might enjoy this.


1. John Pemberton
2. 1985
3. Coke’s caramel color
4. Life
5. Freestyle
LL. Vicente Fox Quezada

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