3/15/2016 – Mayonnaise


Welcome to Five Course Trivia! Five days a week, we’ll post five questions about something from the culinary world, from soup to nuts and all dishes in between.

Last Friday, we got a new food/drink question, so let’s look at the tale of the tape.

Learned League precedent (LL68, MD15) – “Bring out the best” is the slogan of two different condiment brands, which are owned by the same company and whose products are nearly identical, but sold in different regions. What are those two brands?

Well, I knew one cold, but had no idea on the other.

So, I am now 3 for 6 after this question. And now to make sure I don’t forget it any time soon, here are 5 more mayonnaise questions!

1. Name the other brand of mayonnaise I did guess, whose logo has been cropped out here. Created in Greenville, South Carolina, it’s the third largest brand of mayo in the United States.

Question 1

2. Essentially “garlic mayonnaise”, name the crossword-friendly sauce associated with southern France that is often added to bouillabaisse and other fish dishes.

3. Typical deviled eggs are hard-boiled eggs filled with a mixture of hard-boiled egg’s yolk, mayonnaise, and what other ingredient?

4. Made by combining mayonnaise with ingredients like vinegar, shallots, capers, chopped pickles, and spices, name this French sauce often served with shellfish, but also has been used as a hot dog spread and with French fries. While this condiment is traditionally yellowish, the Louisiana Creole version of this sauce is reddish.

5. We can’t have a mayo quiz with mentioning the BLT! Of course the B in BLT stands for “bacon”, but vegans will replace the bacon with what soy product of Indonesian origins seen here, thus making the sandwich a TLT?

Question 5

Tomorrow: More food trivia!


LL. Hellmann’s, Best Foods (My half credit was Hellmann’s)
1. Duke’s
2. Aioli
3. Mustard
4. Remoulade
5. Tempeh

One thought on “3/15/2016 – Mayonnaise

  1. I was really surprised the Hellman’s / BF question played as hard as it did. I think BahnamanS should mark that as his… what does he call it, his shout-out trivia fact for the day. It’s one you either know or don’t, but I feel like it’s one that shows up on a regular basis.

    Duke’s on the other hand, I’m barely familiar with!


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