3/4/2016 – Tuna


Welcome to Five Course Trivia! Five days a week, we’ll post five questions about something from the culinary world, from soup to nuts and all dishes in between.

Since I was swamped with work yesterday, I didn’t get to cover the Food/Drink question on Wednesday, so here it is now:

Learned League precedent (LL68, MD8) – Also known as longfin, it is the only species that US law legally permits to be marketed as “white meat tuna.” What is the most common name for this member of the tuna family (a name used on products sold by StarKist, Bumble Bee, Chicken of the Sea, and other brands)?

Unfortunately, this was a miss. Not a big fish fan, and certainly not a fan of canned fish. I had heard of the answer in passing, but never would have come up with it for a competition. I now stand 2 for 4 this season.

So now, we have more tuna questions! Enjoy!

1. Found in the Italian region of Piedmont, what dish is comprised of thinly sliced roast or braised veal and a creamy sauce with tuna flavor, then served cold?

Question 1

2. The Japanese soup stock “dashi” often features dried flakes of what tuna variety, often considered the smallest as a fish rarely weighs over 25 pounds?

3. With a name derived from the Arabic for “dry”, what Mediterranean delicacy shown here is a filleted salt-cured tuna?

Question 3

4. Of the three canned tuna companies StarKist, Bumble Bee, and Chicken of the Sea, which one is owned by the Thai Union Group, the world’s largest canned tuna processor?

5. In Hawaiian cuisine, the yellowfin tuna (which is today’s cover photo) is usually called what three-letter name?

Next Monday: More food trivia! Also, I’ll be on spring break, so that’s also great!


LL. Albacore
1. Vitello tonnato
2. Bonito
3. Mojama
4. Chicken of the Sea
5. Ahi

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