3/1/2016 – Pickles


Welcome to Five Course Trivia! Five days a week, we’ll post five questions about something from the culinary world, from soup to nuts and all dishes in between.

Yesterday, we were faced with a new food question:

Learned League precedent (LL68, MD6) – In France (and elsewhere), especially small gherkins, often paired with capers or served as a condiment with classical dishes such as pâté, are typically sold under what French name?

Nope. No idea. I guessed something that is grossly incorrect, so much that I won’t share the guess I made. I am now 2 for 3 for the food questions.

So, it looks like I need more pickle knowledge, so here we go:

1. Name the sandwich seen here, made with ham, Swiss cheese, roasted pork, mustard, pickles, and a certain type of white bread.

Question 1

2. If we’re talking about foods with pickles, we can’t miss a Chicago-style hot dog. Besides the poppy seed bun, a dill pickle spear, and some celery salt, name four of the other five ingredients typically on the Chicago style dog.

3. Name the sauce comprising of either mayonnaise or aioli, and usually chopped pickles, capers, onions, and sweet relish. The sauce is known for going with a certain genre of food, and the sauce’s name comes from an ancient Turkish people, and is completely unrelated to a word meaning “raw”.

4. Established in 1897, the world’s largest pickle factory is found in Holland, Michigan, and belongs to what major company?

5. Back to back industry questions? Yep. Edited out of this logo is what name, the largest independent pickle company in the US as well as the top-selling pickle brand in the Southeast US, which takes its name from a city in North Carolina?

Question 5

Tomorrow: More food trivia!


LL. Cornichons
1. Cuban sandwich or Cuban mixto
2. Onion, tomato, relish, mustard, peppers
3. Tartar sauce
4. Heinz
5. Mt. Olive

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