2/19/2016 – Twice-Baked Foods


Welcome to Five Course Trivia! Five days a week, we’ll post five questions about something from the culinary world, from soup to nuts and all dishes in between.

This Freestyle Friday, I found a stranger common bond to make questions about: twice-baked, which is 4x more than a half-baked idea. Enjoy!

1. Coming from the German for “twice-baked”, what sweetened bread seen here, is probably the last entry seen in food dictionaries?

Question 1. It looks like toast, because it basically is.

2. While we’re on the etymological trail, what common word that comes from the Old French and Latin words for “twice-cooked”, is sometimes prefaced with the words “Beaten”, “digestive”, “jelly”?

3. While its square shape is similar to the style of Sicilian pizza, the twice-baked pizza seen here is a native dish to what American city?

Question 3

4. Meaning “almond bread” in Yiddish, what Jewish cookie similar to biscotti is pictured here? If you take away the letter D from its name, you create a word associated with the mathematical shape that is depicted in the second picture shown below.

Question 4a
Question 4b

5. More American city style foods? Yep. The cheesecake pictured here, which uses sour cream as a major ingredient, is a style centered in which American city?

Question 5

Next Monday: LL68! I hope you’re ready for a new season! I hope these questions have been serving you well, and I really hope they’ve been serving me well. My intention is still to post new questions throughout the season, and I hope to have day after coverage of the food questions.

Also, it wouldn’t hurt for you to brush up on some fruit/vegetable varieties.


1. Zwieback
2. Biscuit
3. Detroit
4. Mandelbrodt
5. New York City

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