2/12/2016 – Noodle Idenification


Welcome to Five Course Trivia! Five days a week, we’ll post five questions about something from the culinary world, from soup to nuts and all dishes in between.

This Freestyle Friday, I go through a category that I’m both bad at, and will come up in trivia: noodles. Most of us only eat a handful of different pasta types, since we’re not Italian, and macaroni only comes in one shape. However, a quizmaster is certainly able and capable of showing a picture of pasta, tell you what it means in Italian, and ask you to identify the name of the noodle.

So, I’ve done just that for these 10 noodles. Given a dish which incorporates the noodle, and its name in Italian, name the pasta. When inspecting the pictures, take note on all details, especially things like length, shape, and ridges.


1. Little wheels
2. Little mustache
3. Shells

4. Large butterflies

5. Little bells

6. Squid-like [Note: the large round ones]

7. Knot in wood

8. Little shirtsleeve

9. Trachea

10. Ridged or lined

Next Monday: Lobster might be an arm and a pincher on most menus, but you’ll get ’em for free on Monday.

[Note: I didn’t post suffix conjugations of all pasta. If you’re close, then you probably would get it right, but I’d check the Internet to make sure about your pronunciation.]

1. Rotelle (or “wagon wheels” I guess)
2. Mostaccioli
3. Conchiglie
4. Farfalloni
5. Campanelle
6. Calamari
7. Gnocchi
8. Manicotti
9. Garganelli
10. Rigatoni

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