1/14/2016 – Cookies


Welcome to Five Course Trivia! Five days a week, we’ll post five questions about something from the culinary world, from soup to nuts and all dishes in between.

Today’s edition looks at cookies! Yay! Just like mom used to make!

Find yourself a tall glass of milk, and enjoy!

1. Associated with the Tuscany town of Prato, biscotti cookies contain which type of nut?

2. Consisting of two chocolate wafers filled with white creme, what sandwich cookie introduced in 1908 was originally manufactured by Sunshine Biscuits?

3. A classic “tea cake”, what type butter cookie is made with powdered sugar and also sprinkled on top. The cookies called Mexican wedding cakes are examples of these types of cookies, and the ones seen below are made with lime.

Question 3

4. Name either of the two American cities that claim to be the birthplace of the fortune cookie.

5. Made by dipping peanut butter balls in chocolate, name the cookie pictured here, who take their name from its resemblance of the horse chestnut.

Question 5

Learned League precedent (LL64, MD10) – Of the official cookie varieties offered for sale during fundraisers for the Girl Scouts of the USA, which is the only one to have the Girl Scouts logo embossed on the cookie’s face?

Tomorrow – Our second Freestyle Friday takes us to a classic trivia category: foods that begin with Q.


1. Almond
2. Hydrox
3. Meltaway
4. San Francisco, Los Angeles
5. Buckeye cookies
LL. Trefoils / shortbread

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